As a highly sensitive empath, Austin based comet-girl Socha has a natural gift for putting the intangible into words, and a desperate desire to sort through the many experiences and emotions she absorbs. Her music is dynamic and thought-provoking, while maintaining a familiar sweetness. 

Socha released her debut album, "Musings," over the summer of 2019. In the 4-part album, Socha dives into a period of loss in her life, finding lightness in times of heavy rawness and vulnerability. Reflecting on the ebbs and flows of her experiences and emotions, Musings is a discovery of how things are never truly linear, and how in even tumultuous times, one can find peace in the cyclical nature of existence.

While Socha’s unconventional song structure and provocative melodies can hold their own, her brilliance stem’s from the holistic nature of her art. Pairing textures, smells, movements, and visuals, Socha seeks to reflect the complicated, multidimensional nature of experiences.